Janseva Kendra, Kasia, Kushinagar

Introduction:- This shop is one of the top most satisfactory destination for many of people who living in Kushinagar or out side of Kushinagar.

At this shop provides very good facilities and services like 


  • We selling all types of Holiday Packages. We are providing best to best holiday packages in India, Nepal and Thailand only.
  • We are try to provide best facilities at landing sites and our trained attendants are doing it well with friendly and honesty. 
  • Honesty is our nature.
  • We understand our customer are our advertiser.
  • At all trip we try to maintain our positive environment with each of them.
  • Thanks a lot to our positive customers they are trying to honor by giving sales in multiplication. 


  • We are facilitating with booking of Flight, Railway, Bus tickets and CAB arrangement 

  1. General Insurance
  2. Life Insurance 
  3. Passport services, 
  4. Cellphone recharge, 
  5. Xerox, 
  6. Making photos 
  7. All types of online job works.


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